Friday, February 08, 2008

Returning definitively to Tourou

Finally. The security situation is much better than it was. We now have higher concession wall with iron spikes on it and a guard at night. We should be much safer this way.

Our projects are really getting going. Leah starts her mid-wife training next week and has constant meetings for other projects. The AVISE check dam training is going better than expected, ahead of schedule for digging the foundations for the two we will build in the coming weeks.

We'll sort of going to miss Mokolo since we've lived here for almost a month. Watching full seasons of "Lost," "Grey's Anatomy," and "Brothers & Sisters" can't happen in Tourou. We've been gone so long that the dust is 2mm or more thick over everything. We've also had a white mold growing puffy colonies on the floor.

In other news, Leah has just about kicked a pesky cold, commonly known as malaria. In fact she had malaria "plus plus." (What the plus plus exactly means, I'm not sure.) It's so common here, that as long as one catches it early, the person's fine.


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