Wednesday, March 14, 2007

More pictures

Leah helping out with the daily chore of fetching water.

Market Day in Tourou. The red helmet-like hat is actually a callabash (gourd) that traditional Tourouian wear.

A poorly placed well near Gossi. Now the residents of Tourou know how to find water and dig for it and properly install the wells.

Women fetching water.

Leah retrieving water with women of Tourou Centre.

Little girl fetching water for her family in Tourou Centre.

Abdou, the Tourou Water Team president, discussing well options for the community of Logogya.

Site for the new Logogya well. The next closest well is over the mountain. The villagers here have to resort to drinking out of holes dug in the stream.

Talking to the Gossi community about their specific health and agricultural needs. Both women and men rated water as one of their greatest concerns.

Leah speaks to women about their concerns in Gossi. With community assessment techniques, it is necessary to separate women and men.

The Tourou Water Team constructed this well in 2006. In the future the team would like to build a wall around the well to keep animals from contaminating the water.


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