Friday, December 21, 2007

Vacation and a library

It's been 15 months in Cameroon, and we know that the next year is going to fly by like nothing. We have our projects all planned out for the most part. One new project we have is to finance a library in Tourou.

The library will serve the whole community. It will include textbooks for the students (hardly anyone can afford them, so the teacher can't assign exercises), booklets on agriculture and health, dictionaries, etc. The hope is that the library will be a community center where literacy courses and presentation can be held. We're trying to round up only $2,690 for books to match the work the community has already done on renovating the building that will house the library. Go to the following link to donate and for more information

Recently we climbed Mt. Cameroon, the highest peak in West Africa at 13,000ft. It was pretty spectacular, but harder than I would have thought.

On the 23rd we'll be back in Oregon until Jan 9. Brad will be in Denver from Dec 30 to the morning of Jan 2. After that it's back to Tourou. We actually haven't been there in awhile because we had a break-in on Nov 22. While waiting for Peace Corps to and the local authorities to arrest people, we had been staying in Mokolo with our wonderful PC Volunteer Brooke and now we're in Yaounde. Hopefully more will be resolved when we return to Cameroon in early January.


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