Sunday, October 29, 2006

Learning French and Slowly Navigating the North

Leah and I have been constantly involved with learning the culture, the language(s), etc. That's the best way to describe the last month, although it seems much longer in some ways. For any of you who would like to visit Cameroon, French will help you so much if you're coming up North, where we are.

Right now, for training, Leah and I live with a host family in the town of Pitoua. Our residence has been called by other volunteers the "Ritz Carleton", because compared to other homestays, we have running water, electricity and a TV! What's more is that our family is so modern for Cameroon. Our host father Jean-Claude helps considerably around the house with cleaning clothes, sweeping and occassionally assisting with food preparation. Our community is largely Muslim, but our host father jokingly subscribes to Nietzche. Yes we are mocked by other Peace Corps volunteers. Apparently some people are having very different experiences than we are.

As in most rural villages, there are plenty of animals. We used to be awoken by a rooster every morning. But we ate him last week... Other wonderful foods are crickets, which are fried and salted and taste like potato chips with soy sauce. Very tasty. Last weekend we had "veron", or monitor lizard. It tastes like fish and chicken together.

French is difficult, but Leah and I both are learning slowly. The other language that is even more commonly spoken in the north is Fulfulde. We'll most likely learn bits and pieces over the next 2 years.

The pictures are of (1) everyone in our group in Yaoundé the capital, (2) Leah with some of the local children.
More later...


At 1:46 AM, Blogger Di said...

Ha ha ha. That totally caught me off guard. "We used to be awoken by a rooster every morning. But we ate him last week." Know that I am giggling in the Pacific Northwest. You should post some more pictures. Maybe link to an album on We need some Brad pics too! Love to you two - Di

At 5:02 AM, Blogger Irene schallert said...

Brad and Leah,
You make my heart sing to see both of you so happy in Africa and adjusting so wonderfully. I love seeing both of you in pictures with the people of the country. Good luck learning FRENCH. Mike D. did it so too can you. Yes! WE love the pictures, but your communication is always welcomed. Miss you both. Love always. MoM


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