Sunday, December 03, 2006

The Wonderful World of Dsyentary

Hey you two,
We're almost finished with training! One and a half weeks to go.

Things are good now, but last weekend and last week I had bacterial dysentary. I basically didn't want to eat anything. It was my first stint of a mini culture-shock experience. I had also been vomitting a lot the week before that too. It all sounds bad, but it could have been worse. Everything with illness has to be put into perspective. Getting malaria is like getting the common-cold here. One of our language trainers has it all the time it seems. I asked him one day how he was doing. He said he was a little sick...with MALARIA. (He stays out with his friends at night, so there's a higher chance that he would get it. That's when the mosquito that carries malaria is out biting people.) A month later, he had it again. What's really important is that one good to a hospital when there are symptoms of malaria. People are dying of malaria, because they can't pay for medical services. People would rather go to traditional healers. I don't blame them. It's much cheaper.

Leah too has been sick sometimes with some stomach related issues. Overall, we've been under a lot of stress lately with the routine.

I think Leah and I will really miss our host family. They're fun. Leah and I are always teaching the kids yoga. Leah and I creating our first home together will be nice however. I will have to say that I won't miss almost tripping-over chickens. For some reason I'm not a fan of stepping in the feces either...or the goats breaking into the compound and knocking over the dishes. But that's just me. Others may love it. Chickens eat a lot of the scraps you don't want, but you have stay up on cleaning up after them.

On another note, I was almost pickpocketed yesterday in a crowded area. A guy walked right past me, and I felt his hand on my pocket. I snatched his hand immediately and we just stared at each other for 3 seconds. I totally lost my French in the face of such incredulity. Then I started grunting sort-of: "Unhhhh! Unhhh..." He wasn't running away, so I started to have pity for him. He seemed really scared. I let him go and he went up to other volunteer 10 feet away and was about to pickpocket her, until I told her about his proximity to her. Apparently, since Christmas is coming up, thefts increase. It makes sense, because a current volunteer got pick pocketed TODAY!

We're almost about to swear in as volunteers. I expect to get more pictures up by the end of December. They'll most likely be of our new home.


At 4:27 PM, Blogger Uncle Jon said...

Hey, Brad!

Sorry about you getting sick and all the rest. Things are much tougher for you kids these days. In the old days, we'd stay out late and the worst thing we'd get would be a hangover or something that could be killed with penicillin! Ha! Now, you get malaria! Go figure?

I can relate to you getting sick though! Jenna brought home some chicken alfredo from Applebee's and put it in our frig while we were gone. I ate it about a week later and had exactly your symptoms. Damn chickens! Probably were strolling around in the Applebees.

Plus, this made me sick: I don't know if you are interested or know this, but the Broncos put Jake Plummer on the bench and their rookie quarterback, Jay Cutler, started his first game last night. Just like you throwing up, I just about lost my bratwurst when he threw his first interception.

If you and Leah ever go to Key West with us, they have chickens pooping everywhere too!

That's about all I have that relates to you except the next time someone tries to take your wallet, just scream at the top of your lungs! In the old days, I used to do this with the Hari Krishnas in the airports and you should have seen them run away! Scares the bejeezes out of them!

Love you guys!

At 8:06 PM, Blogger ali said...

Did you get Malaria? What kind of drugs are available for dysentary? I guess I'm worried! I'm sure you're fine. I'm glad you'll be somewhere with a doctor.

What will Leah have to do to start her program?

Is Eric still going to be around to show you the ropes?

I just took our kittens in to be spayed today and they're cute. better than chickens and a little cleaner. They still knock over the trash to pick at the butter wrappers.

I have just signed up for classes for the new term and I'm pretty excited: rehab exercise and chemistry and anatomy. You both are already learning a ton for free, though, and I bet that's going to stick with you longer than my chemistry will be with me.

I miss you already. It hasn't been that long. I am glad you both are following your dreams!

Happy Hannukah! Starts this Friday eve. I'll be eating latkes for you!

At 11:02 PM, Blogger irene schallert said...

Brad, Leah,
Ever since I have read about your chikens and dysentery, I have had a difficult time thinking about having chicken for dinner. Beef is what is for dinner. When Les comes home I will have to return to chicken. Do you guys ever have some good wine or booze? I think like Papa Joe, a little shot of good booze can cure a multitude of illnesses. By the way, treat your malaria by going to the hospital. I will send denero, if necessary at any time. Take good care and thanks for doing your good work and representing America in a positive way.
Love you two.

At 11:06 PM, Blogger irene schallert said...

Hello Again.
Me and the internet do not always get along. I hope you got my recent message. Stay well and go to the hospital, should you get malaria. It can weaken your system. I will show the blog to all on Christmas day. Love you two and thanks for doing the good work and representing America in a positive way. Love, Mom

At 11:07 PM, Blogger irene schallert said...

Brad and Leah,
Hello again. I hope you are doing well.


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